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Video is a powerful communications tool. After experiencing a video many customers have a greater understanding of the subject or product. The right combination of images, words and sounds creates an unmatched emotional impact. Most people will review a video the day they receive it and will likely pass it on to others, especially if they find it humorous.

This makes video an ideal way to deliver your message. Whether an Internet message to help explain your company, an entertaining product launch video used at a trade show, a slick point of purchase module in a retail store, an AGM recap, an internal or external training video, or a humorous team building video. We specialize in video communications for any organization, providing complete production services from research and script writing to editing and distribution. Let us craft the video communication that best serves your needs.

bob loblaw Digital Media can create a video communication for any application; if you can imagine it we can work with you to communicate it through video. We strive to understand your business and focus on your message. Through constant communication with your team we’ll craft a script and create a video that will grab your audience. We never consider ourselves a partner or contractor; we become a team member, part of your organization.

We create digital video for a variety of applications. The medium you choose dictates how we plan and execute your video communication project:

Internet Web Streaming
We can help you set up live or on-demand video streaming through the Internet. We fully understand the wide variety of technology on the market today and can work with you to choose the best fit for your organization. From setup to support, we can help you with all of your web based video needs.

We can author a DVD to help your video communication grab attention. We'll work with you to design a professional interface that gives access to video, photos, graphics, and text all in one clean DVD package.

Just like DVD we can help you author an effective CDROM.

Widescreen (16:9)
Many viewers prefer widescreen versus the standard 4:3 aspect ratio and we can help. Widescreen gives your video communication a look and feel unmatched by any other viewing experience. Put yourself above and beyond your competition with widescreen coupled with surround sound.

Surround Sound
For an enhanced theatrical experience add surround sound to your video communication. Our audio engineering expertise will give your viewers an experience your competition doesn't.


We can also communicate your message in two distinct ways:

Many organizations prefer to be portrayed in an extremely professional light; we know because our diverse backgrounds have been with many companies who had to depict a serious tone. Our professional attitude and knowledge of a variety of industries will help as we work with you to ensure your professionalism and attention to detail comes through to the viewer.

Humour is remembered and keeps people interested. No other production company offers humour in their projects. Our team of comedy writers will ensure a unique and entertaining video exposé. Our humour is always tasteful and benefits with input from your team. We host fun brainstorming sessions to get the comedic juices flowing, or we come up with ideas and present them to you. Humour is an ingenious and effective way to state your message; why do you think Superbowl™ commercials are always based on humour? To be remembered.

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