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video production services summary:
  · netfomercial
  · legal services
  · real estate development tours
  · corporate promotion & marketing
  · product demo & instruction
  · employee orientation & training
  · safety training
  · conferences & seminars
  · video news releases
  · television commercials
  · mock-u-mentary
  · event enhancement
  · time lapse

value add services summary:
  · website desIgn
  · software demos/training using Flash
  · video, photo, slide, and negative transfers to       DVD and CD-ROM
  · DVD and CD-ROM authoring
  · live or on-demand web streaming
  · duplications
  · packaging design

video production services

Internet video is an excellent selling and teaching tool. Now more than ever high quality video can be viewed on the desktop. Typically companies invest in high speed Internet access and home based Internet statistics show that 53% of online Canadians and 33% of online Americans use a high speed connection; and they spend an average of 55% more time on the Internet than dialup users. A high quality 30 or 60 second video streamed over the Internet is a cost effective way to enhance your message to those millions who use the Internet every day.
**stats from NUA April 2003


legal services
Video is an effective tool for the legal profession and we provide a variety of high quality and affordable services to the legal industry including:

Legal Services
  · Video Depositions
  · Video Re-enactment
  · Day in the Life Documentaries
  · Will Originations
  · Pre-Construction Surveys
  · Crime Scene video
  · Proof of Damages.

Production Services
  · Individual microphones for deponent, attorney & opposing counsel for high quality sound reproduction
  · Multiple camera setup
  · Additional lighting, as needed
  · Neutral backdrops, as needed
  · Time/Date stamp on video.

Post-Production Services
  · Video Production & Editing
  · Slow or Fast Motion Video
  · Video & Audio Enhancement
  · Individual Frame Printing
  · Video/Transcript Synchronization
  · Audio & Video Duplication, Transfer & Conversion Services
  · DVD & CDROM Authoring
  · Multi-Media presentations (PowerPoint, HTML, Flash, & others)
  · 2D and 3D Animation
  · Final product in VHS, DVD, CDROM, or Streaming files in any format.

We're always prompt and professional, we offer same day service on many of our services, and we pick up and deliver at no charge. Our rates are $90/hour per person door to door with no minimums (typically only one of our staff is necessary for a project).


real estate development tours
Real estate marketing companies, developers or others in the industry can take advantage of a tour of a new or existing development site and its surrounding community.

The video can be streamed over the Internet or part of a professional marketing package in the form of a CD-ROM or DVD. With CD-ROM or DVD additional information like text and photographs can be included on the disc. An elegant and professional interface can be designed to give potential customers an excellent high quality digital viewing experience.


corporate promotion & marketing
Trade shows and conferences are ripe with potential customers but it’s not always feasible to have one on ones with everyone you meet. A video is the perfect way for people to see exactly what your product or service offering is. Let potential customers tour your facility, see a complete line of products or services, watch a manufacturing process, or experience any function or feature of your organization, the list is endless.

Send your video communication to potential clients in VHS, CD or DVD format, you can even send them an email with a link to your video so they can easily watch it on the Internet.

We can help to set you apart from your competition and succeed in today’s market. Your best sales person can only be in one place at a time, but a marketing video delivers your presentation in hundreds of places simultaneously.


product demo & instruction
Many companies include instructional videos along with their products. Proper instruction ensures that the customer is satisfied with the purchase, and cuts down on the customer support you need to provide over the phone or online.

In store demos capture potential clients and give them a better understanding of your product.

People learn through their senses, and video appeals to more of the consumer's senses than any other medium. The message is more likely to be noticed, and is better retained. In fact, studies have shown that people remember 50% more from video than from print.


employee orientation & training
Because video is the next best thing to having a personal instructor, it is also an ideal way to share education, properly train employees, or communicate new business strategies to your team. In businesses where high turnover is an issue newcomers need to be trained to become valuable members of the team.

If there is any presentation that you need to deliver time and time again, video can streamline your operations. No matter how complicated the subject matter may be, our great visuals make it easy to understand and learn. It’s also an excellent place to use humour to show new employees that the company is a fun place to work.


safety training
If your company or industry is lacking the proper safety video we can help. You have complete control over content and deliver the same message to all who watch. This is an excellent way to keep employees safe and your company safety record spotless.

We can even work with you to create a "specialty video" for your industry. Turn your safety video into a revenue source and sell it to companies similar to yours who will find the video helpful.


conferences & seminars
Conferences are held for a reason: there is information, and it needs to get out to your team and/or customers. We can help you incorporate exciting, effective video for a greater impact of your presentations - or document and archive the sessions for future reference.


video news releases
If your product is an innovation that appeals to a wide audience, a video news release is the most cost-effective broadcast advertising you can get.

Video news releases are short news stories highlighting your product or invention. TV stations air them across the nation as part of their consumer news - all at no charge! While the stations are under no obligation to pick up your story, they consider it part of their job to report on your product, if it is an innovation of interest to a broad audience. There is simply no better way to get the word out.


television commercials
Looking to advertise on TV? We can produce a cost effective, high quality and powerful advertising message for you. Our team can create all stages of the commercial or work with your advertising team. Humour is remembered so tap into our comedic talents.


A mock-u-mentary is a fun and irreverent view of an organizations workplace that's as unique as the team that it's designed for. It's designed to add value to any company function or stand on its own. The ROI in terms of employee morale starts long before anyone sees the final product and continues for quite some time after.

The company team with the help of our comedy writers inspire the project. Your team plays the characters, but if the team doesn’t want to play any characters then our comedy troupe (The Methodically Spontaneous Players) will do it. We can even create a DVD of the final product along with digital pictures and outtakes from the planning, writing and production sessions.

Why a mock-u-mentary?
  · Adds fun to an event
  · Builds morale
  · Everyone is involved
  · Improves confidence in the management team when staff see them taking part
  · Video relieves the stress of stage fright so people can "let loose"
  · Departments can create their own comedy under a veil of secrecy not seen until the premiere
  · We can make up anyone as (almost) any character
  · Can be used in orientation sessions
  · Shows that even the most serious of team members have a fun side.


event enhancement
We can create a fun and humorous video for your next event. Christmas, AGM, Grand Opening, or any event can always use something different. If not a mock-u-mentary then try a video quiz show, re-enact a scene from a famous movie or let's work together to come up with something completely different. No matter what event video can help to enhance it.


time lapse
Need to show a construction site over time? How about an specific area to monitor foot or car traffic? We can help you set up the technology to do these things using time lapse imagery. Using powerful web cams and the Internet we can setup time lapse technology for short or long periods of time. We can then develop the video files to show your subject in action.


value add services

website design
We can design a professional and effective website for you. Our expertise goes far beyond video production and into many areas of technology. Our professional designers and developers have worked on many projects from straight forward marketing sites to database driven pages. Contact us for more information.


software demos/training using Flash
Software is a difficult product to demonstrate but we can help. We can build a Flash demonstration or training module that will leave your audience with an excellent understanding of your product. Using on screen text pop-ups and voice over to enhance the experience, we'll bring they key points of your software to the forefront.


video, photo, slide, and negative transfers to DVD and CD-ROM
Video, photos, slides and negatives all have a very short shelf live, usually about 15 years; even less the more they are handled and used. Over time they fade, degrade and lose their original lustre. DVD’s and CD-ROM’s have a shelf life of upwards of 80 years and the images never fade through constant handling and use. When you digitize your video and images become easily catalogued, printed, viewed, backed-up, and kept forever. We even store your images for as long as you wish so there is always a backup available should a disaster strike. And yes we offer this service for both business and personal customers.


DVD and CD-ROM authoring
There’s no question that VHS is still large and in charge in the world, but DVD and CD-ROM are fast becoming the medium of choice. Both offer a much more polished look and feel as well as the powerful ability for the viewer to interact. Not only can DVD and CD-ROM store audio and video but you can include a slick interface, supporting text, graphics, and photographs. bob loblaw Digital Media can design a DVD or CD-ROM for your organization that will get noticed and set you apart from your competition.


live or on-demand web streaming
As the Internet expands in scope, content, and function, Internet consumers are less impressed with standard, one-dimensional web sites. Thus, in order for a commercial web site to flourish on the Web, it's often necessary for a business to develop more novel approaches of showcasing its products in order to successfully woo its potential customers. bob loblaw digital media can help you make the most of your professional video production by adding streaming audio/video technology to your web site.

We can also work with you to set up live web cameras to view a location over the Internet. We can work with you to plan, set-up and monitor whatever you wish.


Need to send a videotape or DVD to Europe? Asia? Africa? We know the format and can create it for any part of the world. We can duplicate from any format to any format and as much as you need. Prices vary so please contact us for our current rates.


packaging design
Bob Loblaw Productions can work with you to create a design for packaging the final video communication. VHS, CD, or DVD, we can create the outer sleeve design, spine, face or disc silkscreen.

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