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the bob loblaw Digital Media difference

  • We're cost effective
    We can work within ANY budget large or small.
  • We have strong producing and budgeting skills
    We've been working with digital video since 1996; we know what we're doing. We ALWAYS complete projects on time and on budget.
  • We're professional scriptwriters
    We have backgrounds in many industries and if we don't we spend a great deal of time researching your organization to ensure we create the right script for you.
  • We offer stunning animations and design
    Logos, product demos, you name it we can animate it.
  • We pride ourselves on strong communication skills
    You work with only one of our producers. We use email and the Internet extensively to give you updates on progress through every phase of development. For example, during the editing phase we post video to our website that you can view at any time.
  • We're Digital video experts
    We've been working with digital video since its inception. Digital video can be made to look like any type of film or video tape, it's a flexible and cost effective medium.
  • We bring fresh new ideas to any organization
    Are you looking for a change? We can inject new life into your current video communications.
  • We can provide print and web design services
    We can help to ensure all of your collateral has the same look and feel.
  • We offer complete transfer services
    As you read this your videotape, photographs and slides are fading and won't last much longer, we can convert them to DVD or CDROM.

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