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20 reasons to use video

  1. According to a study by the (University of Pennsylvania) Wharton school of Business, prospects are 72% more likely to purchase a product or service when video is used and they make their buying decisions faster. After seeing a video, most prospects will have a greater understanding of the subject or product.

    And according to Technicolor Video Services, Camarillo, CA, 89 percent of consumers will review a video message the same day it is received, and about 94 percent of those people will pass the tape along to a friend or relative.

    And according to industry reports, the response rates for video promotions are six times greater than those for printed direct mail pieces. (Note: Technicolor Video Services is a major videotape duplicator)
  1. "Video brochures" have a high-perceived value so they rarely get tossed unopened like a lot of junk mail. People also tend to keep them and pass them along to friends. Most people will watch a marketing video in its entirety - out of curiosity, if nothing else.
  1. Video can help present a consistent message every time for every viewer. Put forward a consistent orientation, training, sales, or marketing message to enable wider audiences and on demand viewing.
  1. We make video is affordable. It's no longer just for large corporations. Producing a video often costs no more than producing a 4-color brochure. A carefully scripted 6 - 8 minute video can be more effective and convey as much information as a stack of printed materials.
  1. Video can be used to enhance a company event. bob loblaw Digital Media can work with your team to produce a fun and entertaining video which will help improve morale and add a unique element to your event.
  1. Video can help you reach markets that live training or sales people can't reach. bob loblaw Digital Media can help you deliver your message to smaller market segments that may never be able to afford your live training services or markets to far away to reach.
  1. Filmmaking and its offspring, video, has become the most powerful communications tool of the last 100 years. Even video on the Internet is growing quickly and may overshadow cable TV this century.
  1. Some videos are powerful sales devices in themselves. You've probably seen the exercise machine commercials that offer a free video. One company (Soloflex) sells a $1,000 exercise system. The free tape they send to prospective customers cost $6.50 each, but nearly half of those who view the tape order a system.
  1. Video can show your product or service in action, something brochures can't do. bob loblaw Digital Media might film one or more actual customers using your product or even stage a re-creation. In either case we want to show the real benefits of using your product.
  1. Even though bob loblaw Digital Media may design your video for one or two primary uses, you're likely to find many other uses for this same video. Your video can be used in trade shows, one-on-one sales calls, shown to groups, or streamed over the Internet from your website. It can be used to attract investors and for other uses. And we'll design the video so we can easily update it to include new products, services and people without redoing the entire video.
  1. Video can help a relatively small company look like a much larger national or international firm. bob loblaw Digital Media might, for instance, film some of your video in your supplier's or customer's businesses. We could show your products (or services) being manufactured and used.
  1. Video can be a perfect way to explain a complex process or technical product where the inner workings are hidden from view. We can use computer generated graphics or an animation to clearly explain how a product or process works.
  1. Video is a cost-effective way to sell or train people on products that require a demonstration in order to be sold or serviced , especially for products that are expensive to move or demonstrate.
  1. Video is an ideal way to give organizational tours. And bob loblaw Digital Media will make your organization look its best every time. By using close-ups and careful lighting we'll help you put your best foot forward. The audience doesn't have to see anything you don't want them to see. Then we'll highlight those aspects of your organization that are most important to your customers such as quality control or pride of workmanship.
  1. Video is a terrific way to tell the story of how an organization helps people. bob loblaw Digital Media might show how your organization helped a disabled person develop a life of independence. We might film a "day in the life" sequence and use testimonials to show how your agency made a difference in someone's life. These kinds of videos are perfect for fund-raising and attracting new volunteers because it's a wonderful way to portray the feelings and humanity of what your agency does for people. (We offer discounts to non-profit organizations)
  1. Non-profit agencies can often broadcast their videos on cable TV public access stations at no additional cost.
  1. The videos bob loblaw Digital Media produces are not designed to replace your print materials, but to complement them so that each is more effective.
  1. One reason video is such a powerful medium is because it involves the viewer's emotions. The ability to reach an audience with images and sound can be incredibly persuasive. The combination of sights and sounds appeals both to those who learn visually and to those who respond more to auditory learning styles.
  1. "Before and after" shots are another way to use video. For example, a company that restores water wells used "before and after" video shots that dramatically demonstrate how their patented system improved the clarity of the water. These "before and after" shots can be the most effective way to concisely express the benefits of your product or service. We can write narration or add titles to make certain the message comes through, but sometimes the shots themselves say it all.
  1. The use of sound, special effects and humour can turn an ordinary video communication into an exciting viewing experience.

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