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Typically, as with any type of marketing or training materials, you need to set a budget for what you are willing to spend. There are two ways to go about setting a budget

  1. we can help you
  2. you can work out a budget for yourself.

Regardless of what option you decide the same concepts apply. As stated in the video primer the costs associated with video production can be wide ranging depending on what is required for your video. Budget what you feel you can afford, the bigger the budget the more elements can go into the video. In order to work up a production budget, we need to know more information on your particular project, for example:

  · What is the purpose of the video?

  · Who is the target audience?

How do you plan to distribute the video - on tape, CD, web, or broadcast?

Are we providing all, or just some of the production services?

A typical high-end five to seven minute video will start at around $5000 and go up from there as complexity and additional length are added. A simple video of about 2-3 minutes can be as low as $2500. What is simple?

    · Research, exploration
    · Script
    · Location scouting/shoot planning
    · 1-day location video taping (no interviews)
  Post Production
    · Voice over in English (in-house talent)
    · 2-D animated logo
    · Overlay text graphics
    · Music
    · Editing

What adds to the cost?
    · actors
    · 2-D or 3-D animation (especially if it's elaborate)
    · elaborate shots (for example an aerial shot)
    · stock footage (for example a clip from a NASA mission or of the pyramids)
    · large crew requirements (sound, lighting, makeup, etc.)
    · variety of locations
    · travel
    · custom music
to name a few.

Our goal is to work within your budget to maximize your video communication. Regardless of the budget our video communications always look the utmost professional and will have the appearance of a video with a much higher budget.

Through our work and research we've found some examples of a variety of budgets:

  • A 3-minute marketing video for a safety organization, which is used to market and sell occupational health services to businesses in a regional market. It took three weeks to produce, and was filmed in one location, using real hospital employees. TOTAL BUDGET: $5,000.

  • A 14-minute morale booster for a highly successful corporation, which will be shown to all employees. It includes name actors, a great deal of aerial photography, and specially designed and built sets. Filmed in several locations, it took nine months to produce. TOTAL BUDGET: $375,000.

  • A 14-minute corporate image video for an emerging high-tech company, whose audience is material design engineers. It was filmed using real people in several nearby locations. It also included space footage from NASA and assembly line footage from Chrysler. The video took three months to complete. TOTAL BUDGET: $25,000.

  • A three-part video totaling 90-minutes for a legal publisher. The subject is a lecture conducted by a famous attorney on brief writing and oral argument. It is being sold to attorneys and to law schools for $500. The video series took two months to produce. TOTAL BUDGET: $11,000.

  • A 30-minute client feedback video to give employees information about how clients feel about their service. It was filmed in one location using a green screen, 6 clients were interviewed, and took 1.5 weeks to produce. TOTAL BUDGET: $3000

The best way to answer your question is to contact us to discuss your objectives. Consultations are complimentary and we’d be happy to give you a presentation explaining our company and the complete video communications project process.


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