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5 myths about professional video communications

  1. too expensive
    Current technology and our extensive experience with digital video gives bob loblaw Digital Media the ability to create high quality, professional video productions. There's no need for a multi-million dollar studio, a Hollywood budget and massive crews. We are able to work within almost any budget.
  1. no value to our organization
    Video delivers a uniform message whether you're trying to demonstrate a product, deliver a sales message or train staff or customers. By delivering the same message to your audience you eliminate confusion. Why use a few images with text in print when you can use thousands of images and narrative.
  1. can't use humour
    It's a fact that audiences remember humour. bob loblaw Digital Media specializes in humour and tune our tasteful wit to your audience. Use humour for any audience; customers or staff.
  1. difficult and time consuming process
    Whether you choose bob loblaw Digital Media or not our goal is to help you understand every step of the production process. Technology helps to keep the project simple and on time. Ask for our video primer and learn more about the video production process..
  1. only for training and marketing
    Video can be used to enhance any company event. bob loblaw Digital Media helps you to use video to take an irreverant look at your organization, create a game or simply entertain. A mockumentary or event enhancement video helps build morale and brings out the humour in everyone within your organization.

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