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For over 7 years bob loblaw Digital Media has been a company dedicated to professional digital video communications. We have extensive industry backgrounds in:

  · corporate
  · industrial
  · manufacturing
  · finance
  · education
  · technology
  · retail
  · theatre
  · broadcasting
  · and film.

Our diversity is what sets us apart. We understand how companies work, their various departments, infrastructure, and processes. We know exactly what it takes to succeed in the world of business and we understand how to craft a video production to deliver your message.

We’ve also spent a great deal of time creating humour. We’ve produced and performed in live skit comedy shows, stand-up, improv, short (and one feature) humorous films, and created mock-u-mentaries for companies and individuals. We love humour and draw on it every day.

Our clients are confident working with a company founded by corporate professionals and broadcasters who, over the years, have become sharp, seasoned, creative producers.  It's the kind of experience that enables us to approach each project with a keen understanding of the material - along with a producer's eye for detail and cost efficiency.


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