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digital signage examples

Car Dealership

Automobile manufacturers create numerous commercials and promotional video each year, what better way to display vehicles in action than through digital signage. Touch screen kiosk technology allows customers to choose any model of vehicle and view more information about it. Digital displays can also show video along with static images and promotional advertisements for upcoming events.

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More and more casinos are also entertainment venues. Digital signage offers an excellent way to promote upcoming entertainment events, restaurant specials, jackpots, recent winners, and a great way to teach customers how to play various games.

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Corporate Communications

It can be difficult to get out a consistent, focused message. Employees in different locations or on different shifts may not get the right information at the right time.  And many companies have large numbers of employees that are unable to access email or Intranets easily - particularly those in manufacturing and service-related industries.  Digital signage located at access points or where employees gather can ensure vital, time sensitive messages are received. Touch screen technology can also play a role in training employees.

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Campuses are ideal areas for digital signage.  Preview upcoming campus sporting or social activities, emergency messages, and updated lecture schedules are just some ways information can be disseminated on campus.  Digital Signage offers opportunities for revenue generation thru dynamic advertising, for example at the campus bookstore.  Local retailers and eateries can place their messages in front of thousands of students, faculty and staff who cross the campus every day. National retailers and tourism companies who know the power and influence of this technology are potential advertising candidates as well.

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Financial Institution

During peak times people stand idling in line. Digital signage can display a live television news feed along with promotional advertisements for mutual funds, mortgages, and other items. Current interest and mortgage rates can be updated daily, and a live text feed can keep customers informed of important information.

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Public Government Facility

Government offices, at any level, that deal with the public are an excellent opportunity to inform and educate an audience. Municiple governments can promote upcoming local events, recreation activities, or fee information. Provincial and Federal government offices can inform of new policies in place or educate viewers about the province or country.

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Hotels & Hopitality

Hotels, cruise ships, resorts, and restaurants are perfect venues for digital signage. Assisting customers acquire the information they need to realize their experience is extremely important.  For example hotels can use digital signage to provide daily banquet room schedules, updated meeting room and schedule information, shuttle schedules, weather updates, and advertise in-house boutiques and shops.

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Movie Theatre

Cinemas, sporting venues, pubs, and casinos can especially benefit by creating an instant interest in messages by using motion.

  • Highlight features at concessions
  • Show scenes from upcoming attractions or events
  • Maintain attention by constantly changing the message
  • Change content based on the time of day or day of the week.
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Digital signage is an excellent way to promote upcoming museum events, giftshops, ticket sales, foundations, and location tours. Signage can be placed at a cashier entrance to capture the interest of people waiting in line or placed at exits to inform patrons as they leave.

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Malls & Retail

Research indicates that up to 75 per cent of buying decisions are made in-store, yet only as little as five per cent of advertising expenditures are made in store.  The retail impact of a digital signage network is sensational allowing brand advertisers and retailers to focus on delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time. It motivates customers and moves products more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

  • Drive more traffic into a store from outside
  • Drive traffic to specific locations within a store
  • Encourage "up-sells" to higher margin products
  • Encourage cross sales of complementary products
  • Improve awareness of a particular brand, service offering or product line
  • Rapidly change messages several times each day, creating highly targeted messages that static signs can't deliver.
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Sports Bar

Change content every day to promote daily specials, upcoming sports broadcasts, in-house music events, and draws; this together with a live feed of a current sports broadcast and a custom live sports ticker.

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Hubs need to display schedules, weather and security information, or directions for out of town visitors. Along with this information the hub can promote on site businesses with branded advertising along side important information.

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