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digital signage - Benefits

Research indicates that buyers are five to 10 times more likely to notice and recall dynamic media than static media. There are many applications and benefits to using digital signage and these include:

Cost and Time Savings
Eliminating the need to print and distribute static signs every time a message or campaign changes, saves on printing costs and processing time. Digital signage offers instant digital programming with informative and entertaining content.

Drive Advertising Revenue
Digital signage networks can be a profit center by selling advertising time to advertisers or businesses. This service can be offered to more clients than ever possible with static advertising.

Attract Attention
A digital sign has the stopping power to get customers' attention. Once attracted, the opportunity is great to influence their buying decisions.

Digital signage offers control and flexibility.
Vary a message by region, by store, even by department and get detailed reports about system activity to effectively gauge impact.

Quick, Easy Content Updates
Due to its networking, a Digital Signage System allows changes to content at multiple locations from one remote authoring station. Change advertising messages quickly on displays in one venue, or on any screen anywhere in the world via the Internet.

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