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pcsupport.com - mock-u-mentary

pcsupport.com was a leading edge dot com who served as a third party technical support helpdesk for companies like Sears & Roebuck, Servicenet Warranty and many US based ISPs. PCsupport.com was taken over by Voyus in 2002.

During the "dot com wonder years" pcsupport.com wanted to do something different for their staff Christmas party so they called on us to put together a fun and humorous mockumentary that was a huge hit. The 13-minute video isolated each department and starred most of the employees; we also peppered in a few of our own characters.

Currently unavailable.

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"...We wanted to do something different for our Christmas party and decided on a fun video. Our staff contributed to the script and then starred in the video. The bob loblaw team understood the corporate lifestyle and therefore included some excellent characters of their own into the production. Overall the mock-u-mentary was a huge hit! Our staff loved every aspect from the script meetings and video shoot to the premiere and subsequent viewings. It improved our Christmas party and subsequently company morale way beyond our expectations..."
Bruce McDonald, VP Operations / PCsupport.com

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